who is soma studio
who is soma studio
who is soma studio
who is soma studio
who is soma studio
who is soma studio
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who is soma studio
who is soma studio
who is soma studio
who is soma studio
who is soma studio
who is soma studio
who is soma studio


A full consultation, record and custom styling is done for each client. 

Wispy Wink Set 30min R500 Fill R320

This set focuses on the outer corners of the lash line. It's similar to a half set but has a slightly fuller look towards the ends and gradually tapers lightly towards the nose creating a subtle lift and wispy appearance.


Classic Chic Set 60min R600 Fill R390

This classic application is a one on one lash application, creating a very light, subtle and natural looking set. A perfect introduction to lash extensions and for first timers.


Flirty Fusion Set 1h15 R650 Fill R420

A hybrid application which is a mix of both the classic application and soft 2/3D pre-made fans. It creates a beautiful texture and a little more fullness and depth to the lash line and lashes. Ideal for those who cannot spare the time needed for hand fanning techniques.


Volume Set (soft) 90min R700 Fill R450

The volume application is a set using 2D hand made fanning techniques. It is slightly fuller than the classic set creating a light, soft and a feathery look to the lashes.


Va Va Voom Volume Set 1h45 R800 Fill R520

This is a full volume application set using 3/4D fans, giving the appearance of eyeliner on the lash line. It creates deep, full and lush looking lashes - an absolute firm favourite.


Signature Style Set 2hrs R950 Fill R620

This lash set is unique to Simone's Lash Artistry. It's a custom set designed and mapped especially for those wanting a very unique "celebrity" look for their lashes such as the popular Kardashians, Twiggy, Adele, Selena and Gaga lashes.


Mega-Set 2.5hours R1100 Fill R715

This set involves a variety of advanced application methods such as super fine fanning, whisper layering and length locking techniques. It creates the deepest lash line and fullest looking lashes - eye batting power that will turn heads!


Lash Plus 15min R120

Extra lash time can be booked and added to your lash sets or fills. Seasonal lash shedding, chlorine exposure, certain medications, incorrect product usage, poor maintainence, pregnacy etc. can affect your lash retention causing visible gaps, pre-mature lash loss and sparse looking lash extentions.


Lash Removal 30min R200 

A wax cream which does not sting, burn or irritate the eyes is gently used to remove the lash extensions. It includes a shampoo cleanse, collagen enriched under eye pads & lash serum treatment.


Lash Bling from R50

Enhance any lash set by adding colour, highlights, glitter or crystal lashes to create a beautiful and unique lash set – great for make up artists, weddings, parties, matric dances, photo shoots or just for fun.


PLEASE NOTE: Everyone's lashes are different. Results may very depending on the clients individual eye shape, thickness and the condition of their natural lashes. 3-5 lashes shed naturally per day so lash fills are recommended between 2-3 weeks to keep the lash set sweep in style and to ensure your gorgeous lashes look their best.


REFERRAL REWARDS: A R50 discount voucher is offered on new lash sets for referrals to Simone's Lash Artistry.



































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